Microsoft Publisher Tips for creating your Matchday Programme

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Publisher Tips for creating a programme

One of the cheapest methods of creating a matchday programme is to use Microsoft Publisher. Most PC/Laptop owners will have the MS Office suite of programs so why not use something you’ve already paid for?

Publisher Tips

Within Microsoft Publisher there are booklet printing options that allow you to print the document on your desktop printer. However quality might not be brilliant and you’ll have to find a method of binding your programmes but the result will be the most cost effective.

If you want a better quality print, you’ll need to use a commercial printer like ourselves. The print quality will be vastly superior and the finishing (stapling and trimming) will be of a professional standard above all a much better product all round.

If you decide to use a commercial printer to print your matchday programme, the best way to send the document is to create a high-resolution pdf within Publisher (the facility is built in nowadays). This can then be emailed to your printer. However if you are going to design in Publisher, it is worth bearing in mind several do’s and don’ts. Check out the link below before you start designing as it will potentially avoid a fall out with your printer –

Some of the tips on here might seem obvious, some onerous, however they are important and will result in a superior end product.

You might want to check out this video as well. Do keep in mind the advice on the above link regarding commercial printers. This video is a US version (sorry about that) so choose A5 in your version (if that’s the size you require)

So what are the advantages of creating your own programme in Publisher?

Cost – it is probably the cheapest method of creating your programme as most computer users will already have Publisher. As you can design the programme yourself, there’s no need to use a professional graphic designer.

Ease of use – if you are already familiar with Publisher, you’ll find it easy.

And the disadvantages?

Angry commercial printers – over the years printers like ourselves have often wrestled with files produced in Publisher. Make sure you have read the top publisher tips from Microsoft. Beware the fed up printer!

Design features – many of the design features available in professional desktop page layout programmes are either not there or difficult to find. Most graphic designers will use Adobe software and will know their way around the package.

Look and feel of the programme – you’ll always get a better result using a professional designer. But there will probably be a charge.

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