Professional and Affordable DTP Software for Matchday Programme Editors

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We essentially offer programme editors three different service levels.

  1. You supply us with copy, photos, stories, and so on and we design your programme each week in our studio. This is the top level of service and, given the time spent in our studio, the most costly. This is typically used in the larger, more complex programmes
  2. We create an online template for you. You upload images, editorial and so on into a fixed template. The layout and page numbers cannot vary but it is a easy to use and cost effective method of creating less complex programmes.
  3. You supply us with a print ready pdf and we print, bind and deliver your programmes.

Item 3 puts the onus on someone creating the programme and having a working knowledge of Microsoft Publisher or Adobe InDesign. The former is not the greatest method of producing a programme (when using a commercial printer) as some of the tools are limited. The latter is the default page layout software for design professionals – is massively powerful but comes at a price (around £600 per annum for the full creative suite).

However there is a new British kid on the block that should be of interest to any programme editors that don’t mind grappling with quite a complex piece of software. And the big plus… Affinity Publisher costs just £48.99. That’s not per month – it is a one off cost. Given what the reviews are saying, this is a worthy rival to InDesign and an absolute bargain. Affinity brings advanced professional publishing software at an affordable price allowing creative programme designs to the mass market.

From creating simple text-based documents to posters and flyers, or complex brochures and books combining words, images and graphics, the meticulously-engineered features of Affinity Publisher means it runs like a dream, even on the most content-heavy documents.

With essentials like Master Pages, facing-page spreads, grids, tables, advanced typography, text flow and full professional print output, Affinity Publisher delivers all the requirements for a modern-day layout app, tailored to exploit the power of the very latest hardware.

Other key features include:

  • OpenType support and glyph browser
  • Text decorations and drop capitals
  • Linked text frames with advanced flow options
  • Text wrapping with fine padding control
  • Artistic text including text on a path
  • Baseline grid and text frame rulers
  • Place PSD, AI, PDF, JPG, TIFF, PNG or Affinity files
  • Correct and enhance images with non-destructive adjustment layers
  • Incredibly smooth gradient and transparency controls
  • Auto generated indexes and table of contents
  • RegEx search and replace
  • Customisable keyboard shortcuts
  • Saveable undo history
  • Super smooth pan and zoom at 60fps
  • End-to-end CMYK and spot colour support
  • PDF/X-1a, PDF/X-3, PDF/X-4 output for professional print

Professional Output

Affinity Publisher enables programme designers to and add bleed, trim and crop marks for press-ready output and supply their printer with a high quality pdf, that won’t cause any production issues speeding up the entire process.