Cost Effective Matchday Programmes Made Simple

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A significant concern of non-league and amateur football clubs with regard to printed matchday programmes is the cost. Not just the price of printing the programme but the cost, whether monetary or just in terms of time, of creating and editing the programme for every home game.

We honestly believe that we have a unique system that makes the entire process relatively painless and affordable for every club. Once the system is set up for you, there are no ongoing monetary design costs and the time spent creating the programme is kept to a minimum and can be shared between any number of editors.

Our system involves the creation of a bespoke template of your programme that is securely hosted on our cloud based server. Access is granted to any number of approved users within your club by means of a unique user name and password. All approved users can gain access to the system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year,

It is simple to create a new cover for each programme, upload pictures, create and edit match reports, create new league tables, update fixtures and include the latest scores. All can be done from any tablet, PC or smartphone with access to the internet without the need to install any special software.

All league tables, stats pages and team squads in the template are linked to excel files. You keep the excel file updated and upload it to the portal when you create each programme. Our system then creates the table within your programme. As long as your excel file is correct, your programme’s content will be correct.

Easily create your matchday programme fixtures/stats page from a linked excel file

Once you have created your programme, order the exact quantity you require for each game. The system sends a print ready pdf to our server, we print and despatch the programmes to any UK mainland address within a matter of hours. It really is that simple.

Check out our website for full details. More importantly, get in touch to arrange a free online demonstration of the system at a time to suit you and see how we enable you to create slick, professional programmes more cost effectively than ever before.

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