There’s Still Time…

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If you are waiting for the league fixtures to be published before sorting out your programme – DON’T.

We are currently working on a number of programmes where we don’t know the fixtures, we don’t have the adverts and for some we’re not even sure what league our client is playing in. In terms of ‘building’ the framework (or template) of the programme, these facts actually don’t matter too much.

What takes the time is the build. If we can establish a page count, the features you will be using, where league tables are placed how many pages of adverts to allow for, that’s just about all we need for now.

What will cause a problem is if you leave it until July to get in touch. Will there be time to build the structure AND add the detail?

Our web based system enables you to create your programme yourself via any popular web browser. This enables you to keep the costs under control this can reduce your programme cost by 30%. Once you have placed the order, the job goes through the same print process as all our other jobs.

However, you can’t create anything if that template doesn’t exist.


If you’d like a free online demonstration of our system to find out whether it is right for your club fill in your details below.