There’s Still Time…

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If you are waiting for the league fixtures to be published before sorting out your programme – DON’T. We are currently working on a number of programmes where we don’t know the fixtures, we don’t have the adverts and for some we’re not even sure what league our client is playing in. In terms of […]


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Whilst we won’t be printing as many programmes as normal we will remain open for affordable, professionally designed and printed Matchday Programmes. However, in an attempt to lighten our mood and to somehow look on the positive side of life, we are looking forward to the glorious day when non-league football once more takes to […]

Save 30% on your Matchday Programme

Reduce Matchday Programme Costs by 30%

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You work hard to raise funds for your club. You chase and cajole local businesses to sponsor your shirts and pester companies and individuals to sponsor players. You twist the arm of your local publican to advertise in your matchday programme. WOULDN’T YOU LIKE TO KEEP AS MUCH OF THAT IN CLUB COFFERS BY GETTING […]

Matchday Programmes on a budget

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In an ideal world, we’d design all matchday programmes on a game by game basis in our studio. Utilising the skills of one of our team of designers, we’d prepare the most content packed and beautifully crafted programme possible. If all of our customers had a large enough budget, we’d love to run our business […]


A fundraising idea for your Matchday Programme

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The Matchday Programmes team had a recent pow wow about how you could utilise your matchday programme as a fundraiser…and we think we have an idea. Why not number each programme so that the programme itself becomes a draw ticket? So each person that buys the programme is entered into a draw to win the […]

A small ray of sunshine in these bleak times

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The printing sector is, I suspect, just like most sectors of the economy just now. Orders have all but dried up in the face of this terrible pandemic. In the great scheme of things, our problems compared with the all to real issues of life and death pale into insignificance. However, in an attempt to […]

Cricket Handbooks

Cricket Club Handbooks

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Now we have passed mid-February, we can start to plan for the summer. Indeed, I have booked tickets for the Old Trafford Test Match. It is also time for us all to plan cricket club print requirements. Here at Matchday Programmes HQ we specialise in programmes. However, we recognise that many cricket clubs don’t have […]

Great Deals on Matchday Programmes

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Keep the tradition of the printed matchday programme alive. It’s all part of the matchday experience…pint, pie, programme. If you can supply us with print ready pdf artwork, we can print and despatch your programmes within hours and at prices to delight any club treasurer. Whatever your sport, whatever the size of your club, our […]